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Not feeling it

Hello sweeties, I just got a horrible cold that I lost my voice...😓😣😣 and tomorrow is my birthday..bof I'm not feeling so good.. But anyway, I'm back with a new outfit post; this one is more light, in the way that it's not that super stylish, but more daring...

What I wore: -RoseGal poncho - Jeffrey Campbell boots - Marc Jacobs bag
An interesting trick to have longer legs :) - over the knee boots and a long sweater/poncho. You'll have to excuse my sour face, but it started raining when I wanted to do these pics :(
Kisses, R.

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The Influence

Hello sweeties, Hope you are all having a fab time and that your week is going well. I have a really stylish outfit to share with you today, so I'm super excited cause I know you'll totally love it :) I admit that the whole outfit is Gucci inspired, hence the Gucci belt hahaha :)

What I wore: - Scrappy Koko Store sweater - Asos jeans - Zara booties - W.E. jacket - Gucci belt - Zaful bag - Zaful sunglasses - Sterkowski cap

So this is the outfit for today. If you need need, I will be with my bff who came to visit me for my bday on Friday ^^
Kisses, R.

Chic in the city

Hello sweeties, Hope you are all having a fab week. I just hate it when the temperatures drop and you have rain and grey skies... For bloggers is kinda sad cause you always have to "paint" this sunny day, with a fab outfit, where everything is bright and la vie est rose . Well, it's not always like that... and after I did these pics, it started raining .. that's the truth !  I was lucky to have finished shooting this marvelous look just before the storm came, so it's still very nice, but the pics are maybe not that bright :)) The look I'm sharing with you today is a perfect look for fall and winter all together. The "decomposed" sweater is such an unique asset for your closet and to accentuate this shade I matched it with distressed jeans and of course, my rough Sacha Shoes biker bootsthat I simply adore. The plaid coat has the role to temper down this edgy look and make it a bit more feminine, along with the hat, a bit more vintage.

What I wore: - S…

So Paris

Hi guys, I hope your week has started as good as mine had. Except for a little rain, my day was very good! I even take some awesome pics in the afternoon that I'm just dying to share them with you ! Ok, so this morning I was MIA, but I'll def make it up to you when you'll lay your eyes on this awesome look. It's so Parisian chic, so cute, so beautiful and so elegant in a way.

What I wore: - Chicwish modern expression v-neck double breasted coat dress - Rebecca Minkoff bag - Kendal + Kylie over the knee boots - H&M sweater

Really hope you like this fine look !  I must hurry now cause I have to meet someone in like 10 min :)
Kisses, R.

Happy Sunday

Hey sweeties, With just a few more days to go until my birthday, I'm trying to do all my shootings, emails, meetings so I can have a more free week to spend with my bff because she's visiting ! I think that friendship is one of the most precious gifts...with her I don't have that awful feeling that something is going on and that I'm being scammed you know. It's so true and real, you can even touch it !  Old friendships are like old comfy shoes, you know they're there and they'll never let you down. Speaking of shoes, I have these cute Loubies for quite awhile now and I've noticed their price gone up because the model is very rare. I still love them even though I didn't wear them too much. Since it's Sunday, I have a pretty amazing look to share with you today :)

What I wore: - Zaful dress - Oh Polly faux fur coat  - Christian Louboutin Filo 120mm shoes - Whiting& Davis metallic purse

This isn't quite a good outfit to take outside in this da…

Escápate Conmigo

Hello sweeties, Oh what a wonderful evening and night I had last night ! It's so nice meeting new people and you probably saw more on my Instastories. :) Today I have another full day - as every day will be until the end of the month.

What I wore: - Chicwish sweater - Splendid booties - RoseGal crossbody bag - Gatta tights
Really simple chic outfit, right? :) Be sure to be back tomorrow cause I have a super cool look to share with you ! 
Kisses, R.