Saturday, April 29, 2017


Hey guys,
Hope your weekend is going well. I just went to Zumba courses today for the very first time ! It's def my fave ! Lately I've been trying to go to the gym on a daily basis and I love it. I really hope this ambitious move will last me a long time cause frankly, I'm slowly reaching my 30s and it's starting to show. The metabolism isn't what it used to be. I'm not complaining of course, but I feel that it's time to be more active and live a more healthy life! 
Anyway, speaking about looks, I have a new outfit post for you today ! It's quite eye catching and I really love how the color palette turned out.

What I wore:
- Rosegal blouse ( find also casual maxi dresses on their site)
- Zara shoes

I really hope you like the look, guys! I hope to be back tomorrow with yet another outfit post :)


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  1. How exciting that you went to zumba! I always wanted to go to a class like that, but haven't managed to yet. Love this outfit!


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